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Our Approach

Our approach is that collection process outsourcing can be significantly improved by focusing on the competence we have acquired after many years. 

For this reason, our services focus on collection performance and customer service quality.

International debt collection and recovery can be complicated and costly in your business if your debtor ignores reminders and dunning letters and e-mails of your accountancy or legal department and further telephone calls seems useless - now we are the best option to collect your debts.

Law Firm Feinen International, specialized law firm in international debt collection and recovery services is your partner in collection of debts in Germany, Europe and worldwide.

Our network is represented in more than 80 countries spanning every major economic region of the globe like the United Kingdom, GB, Ireland, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Africa.

We have co-operated partners for example also in Italy, France, Spain, Poland, Greece, Turkey, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia and a lot of countries.

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Our purpose is to deliver the kinds of services, best practice and insights which our people feel is often sorely lacking from traditional collections agencies.

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will be happy to assist you.


Our Law Firm

You are supported by our modern and efficient collections' infrastructure, by all processes, technology and people, to meet your requirements.

We provide our collection partners with the technology and techniques to optimize collection efforts and increase the benefits that accrue to all parties involved in the collection process.

As Lawyers, we are legally bound by confidentiality and professional rules and the attorney-client-privilege.

experience counts!

We know from our 25 years of experience that outsourcing can significantly improve your collections by focusing on the specialized service that is important to our clients.


As Lawyers, we are legally bound by confidentiality and professional rules and the attorney-client-privilege.

For this reason, our services focus on the speed and stringency of procedural processes and reporting. Our smart collection services ensure that smart credit professionals achieve their goal.


As a Law Firm we represent your interests during all stages of proceedings from the first request for payment up to the enforcement of a judgment.


International Courses, Workshops and Lectures in Your Country


  • Salesmen dealing with Germany
  • Enterprises dealing with Germany
  • debt collection agencies
  • Credit Insurance companies
  • Factoring companies
  • Lawyers

for example:

module 1
Debt Collection in Germany:
Starting a claim for an unpaid debt, reminder/request for payment, culpable delay of payment/default, dunning/demand letter, instalment agreements, calculation of interest, phone calls, threats, Understanding how to deal with the debtor’s response of fast track to judgement, typical reactions of debtors in Germany, steps in collecting a debt ... a.s.o.

.... from 1 day lectures to 3 days workshops ...

Please contact us for more detailed information

We are an independent German Law Firm whose attorneys specialize

in the areas of debt collectionn services and debt recoveries all over Germany and Europe, contract law and commercial law.

We advise business clients, entrepreneurs and private clients with regard to their economic and legal concerns and intentions. 

Furthermore, we enforce our clients‘ rights before the authorities and in court. 

Our Clients require individual and high-quality advice. We always strive for legally possible as well as economically viable solutions.

What we don't work on:

We are not active in cases of criminal complaints and prosecution, criminal law, social law, tenancy law, administrative law, construction law, capital investment law, insurance law, family law and inheritance law.
In these areas of law we only make corresponding claims for payment.
The minimum claim is 600 EUR / 600 GBP / 600 USD

We are not private detectives and do not investigate on site.

Please send us a brief message stating what the matter is. We will help you further.

If your mail returns from the post-office, to contact the debtor...

by phone, fax and e-mail is not possible any more…??

What do you know about your business partners?
Your customer did not react any more?

Are they still solvent or already registered as debtors at the courts?

We offer to check 1 company or individual for free if you send us all contact details (full name, legal form, postal address, phone, fax, email, website, name of the CEO etc.) and a short description of the case.

For each further inquiry, we charge 60,00 EUR.

Please note our offer in business and financial information, credit reports and research in different databases and Internet here>>