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out-of-court collections - Beware of promises and other delaying tactics

Our services for your success - we also offer business information, credit reports and our experience before you invest money in insolvent debtor companies

Our debt collection services range from extrajudicial to judicial enforcement throughout Germany, to compulsory enforcement from judgements or enforcement orders and further to the assertion of claims in your debtor's insolvency proceedings. We also pursue your claims abroad.

We also offer you our assessment of whether asserting claims against your debtor still makes sense at all (solvent? creditworthy?). Please visit BUSINESSINFORMATION

Your goal


In your efforts to recover your debts you may be facing problems in

  • fast and fully payment
  • no win, no fee / no pay, no charge - conditions
  • out-of-court solutions in all variations and possibilities
  • communicating and negotiating in the language of your debtor
  • understanding the laws of the country your debtor is located
  • dealing with debtors or debt collection agencies
  • finding a local debt collection services provider
  • finding reliable and cost-effective legal counsel in your debtor’s jurisdiction.

Here is a general tip:

Clients are often of the opinion that the claim is “not high enough to assert it in court”. The opposite is true! 

It is precisely the smaller claims that remain unopposed in simple court proceedings and can be enforced or recovered - precisely because they are not high!

Debtors often do not pay attention to small claims, or they are paid because it becomes clear that the creditor is determined to pursue even small claims through the courts.

And it is the majority of smaller claims that add up to a larger amount. We assert claims from 600 euros.



What we do out of court

We contact your debtor in their language in writings (request for payment, dunning letter) and by phone.

We negotiate with your debtor to find a fast settlement of the debt. All communication with your debtor is shared with you. We negotiate payment conditions, add costs and fees, calculate the interest and draft an instalment plan.

A commission fee is only charged on recovered funds.

One-off debts or bulk collections accepted on commission basis. There are no contracts and no hidden fees - all on a ‘No Win, No Fee’ basis. If we do not collect, you do not have pay anything

Our cost-effective debt collection commission fees start from as low as 1%. And we are happy to discuss rates.

We cooperate with SCHUFA, Creditreform, Dun&Bradstedt, Supercheck, Bürgel, creditsafe

check your partners before they become your debtors.

In case of debt collection and court proceedings in Germany it is always important to dispose of information about the business and financial situation of the debtor (company).
You can find a table with our offers below. All following information are related only to Germans and German companies, registered in Germany.

In any case, we recommend steps 1. and 2., as a total price: 40 EUR
The check of active business of the debtor (f.i. phone calls, fax), etc. is free of charge.

1. check for debtor entries: Statement of assets: 30,00 EUR
check of the court's register of debtors: Is the debtor (individual, sole trader) registered as a debtor in the debtors' register at court and therefore still solvent?
Or has the managing director of the GmbH/AG/UG already made a statement of assets for the company?
2. check for ongoing insolvency proceedings: 20,00 EUR
3. check of the postal address and residents' registration office: 40,00 EUR
Is the postal address correct so that service can be effected by the court in dunning and legal proceedings? check if service of (court) documents is possible.
4. excerpt of the commercial register: 40,00 EUR
What are the real legal binding data of the company, who is the CEO registered?
5. research SocialMedia, Internet: 40,00 EUR
peculiarities in the Internet and Social Networks
6. address tracing on site: 150,00 EUR
7. employer inquiry Germany: 60,00 EUR
8. credit report, business information individual: 60,00 EUR
9. credit report, business information companies: 120,00 EUR
10. credit report, business information companies abroad: 140,00 EUR
offer: all relevant information you need: total 150 EUR, to your or our choice (what we consider necessary)

Inquiries about the financial and economic situation debtors
research23_05.pdf (70.8KB)
Inquiries about the financial and economic situation debtors
research23_05.pdf (70.8KB)

Your support


What do we need?

Please send us the invoice, contract, order, Delivery Notes/POD's and all contact details available.

The Power of Attorney - Letter of authorisation

In order to pursue the claim, we are required by law to submit a power of attorney. 

You will get the form from us. 

Please have it completed and signed and returned by email. 

A PoA does not change any terms of the remuneration and does not create any additional obligations.

A power of attorney is merely proof for debtors and authorities that we are authorised to legally represent our clients. Debtors can otherwise refuse to communicate and in court proceedings or enforcement and also in insolvency proceedings the presentation of a power of attorney is absolutely necessary.

It is therefore a legal problem to contact debtors by telephone without first having sent a written power of attorney.

What we don't work on:

We are not active in cases of criminal complaints and prosecution, criminal law, social law, tenancy law, administrative law, construction law, capital investment law, insurance law, family law and inheritance law.
In these areas of law we only make corresponding claims for payment.

We are not private detectives and do not investigate on site.

Please send us a brief message stating what the matter is. We will help you further.

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