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You have questions about the costs - for us - for the court proceedings - for the entire lawsuit - for enforcement? We provide answers. 

You are concerned that the costs are too high? We find solutions.

We will be happy to advise you and find a solution regarding the costs

Out-of-court proceedings:
Out-of-court proceedings are free of charge (no upfront fee, no hidden charges - no cure, no pay in out-of court proceedings). 

In case of success in collection we only charge for a contingent fee from the collected amount in fact. Our system is as follows. Please ask for the details.

Our regular fees are a percentage from the amount we collected in fact:
• debt up to 5,000 EUR: x% / Debt more than 90 days old: y%
• debt up to 10,000 EUR: x% / Debt more than 90 days old: y%
• debt more than 10,000 EUR: x% / Debt more than 90 days old: y%
• debt more than 50,000 EUR: x% / Debt more than 90 days old: y%
In case the debt is already contested we reserve to charge a fee of 10% in any case.

We are happy to discuss different modes.

Please note that these conditions are not applicable if the debtor is in insolvency proceedings and not in a lawsuit and court proceedings.

If, after we have been instructed, the principal claim is paid directly to our clients we will charge a fee in any case, with a minimum of EUR 80 and a maximum of the percentage mentioned in our table. The same applies if direct arrangements are made with the debtor after we have been instructed.

For a better assessment of risks in the recovery of the claim and especially in the court proceedings, we strongly recommend obtaining information about the debtor's side.

What is the financial and economic situation of the debtor's side? Can your claim be paid? Please find our offer here>>


Fees in Court proceedings

Here you can calculate the regular legal costs for a lawsuit on basis of the legal schedule in Germany!

Our fee-calculator for an overview of costs for lawsuit

We are happy to discuss different and individual modes.

Fee calculator for our fees in court proceedings and litigation in Germany based on the statutory fee schedule for courts and lawyers from 2023.

Please note that these are the minimum fees for regular court proceedings, but they regularly cover the entire court proceedings. Small fees and expenses for travel costs, translation costs, expert fees and other expenses may be added.

Our new fee-calculator works up to an amount in dispute/claim of 500.000,00 EUR and will be extended continously!

Our  fees for a 1st instance lawsuit in Germany are calculated. These are regularly minimum fees in full court proceedings.

In particular, in the case of previous out-of-court activity, a business fee may be charged, which will be partially offset against the legal fees in the case of subsequent legal action.
The same applies if legal dunning proceedings are preceded by an objection, in which case the costs are higher.

The litigation risk - worst case risk - is  the "Prozessrisiko" in the event that you lose the lawsuit, the fees of an opposing lawyer are added here, which you also have to bear in this case.

Court fees are included! see Gerichtskosten.

The use is without any guarantee! It is no offer and not binding in any way. We will communicate the exact fees for your individual case on your request.
Fee-Calculator court proceedings, 1. Instance in Germany (no guarantee).

Here you find the legal table for Court and Lawyer's Fees (extract), Year 2023, Table

As a rule, this pays for the entire proceedings.

The fees stated below are incurred in court proceedings in any case.

In individual cases, a further fee in a similar amount as stated must be added. We will inform you of this. Fees already paid will generally be credited against the total amount.

Please note that you will have to pay the fees indicated here in any case as an advance payment for court proceedings.

Not included: expenses for copies, translations, expert fees, travel expenses (court), court hearing (150,00 EUR-350,00 EUR), costs and fees of enforcement proceedings (like bailiff, seizure of bank accounts etc.).